a proven record

 While in the Missouri House of Representatives for the state of Missouri, Judy championed Initiatives for health care for low income working adults, privacy for patients making health care decisions, affordability of healthcare and education, education reforms, and environmental sustainability. Not all politicians elected to office have their community’s best interest in mind. Our politicians have really let us down. Most Missourians believe that Medicaid should be available for low income working adults and children, that we should have sensible and safe gun laws, that we should allow women the privacy to make healthcare decisions with their families, their doctor, and their clergy, and that we need a new energy economy founded on renewable and sustainable sources. Yet many politicians vote completely opposite to our values. There comes a time when we need to change our politicians. That time is now.


Bills that Judy championed while a State Representative


  • Requiring the State of Missouri to improve rape kit collection and testing
  • Creating a secure mailbox system for victims of domestic violence
  • Creating a Missouri Health Professions Planning Commission
  • Establishing guidelines and mandates for promoting physical education in schools
  • Increasing the resource limits for eligibility for medical assistance
  • Increasing access to Medicaid for working adults
  • Requiring state agencies to engage in energy conservation and for state buildings to meet the International Energy Conservation Code
  • Renewable Energy Research Grants
  • Tax credit for constructing homes accessible to disabled individuals based on universal design standards
  • Establishing the Missouri Renewable Energy Loan Authority
  • Forming a Joint Committee on Access to Nontraditional Career and Technical Education
  • Establishing the Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Program