As Senator, Judy will champion a public education system for which Missourians can be proud. One key will be her tireless effort to promote legislation that values and equips Missouri teachers who strive to make successful adult citizens out of our state’s precious children. 

Innovation is key as Missourians move into a more complicated and technological future. As Senator, Judy Baker will keep in touch with trends and work with her colleagues to make funds available to support innovative tools and methods to improve the effectiveness of both teaching and learning.



 As Senator, Judy Baker will strive to promote economic opportunity for all Missourians. Everyone who wants to and can work should be able to do so and be treated equally in the process. Sometimes people need a bit of help by training, or transportation, or offering employers incentives to look beyond the ordinary when they hire. Judy will work with the diversity of Missourian workers always on her mind.

As Senator, Judy will be continually mindful of the high cost of inequality in the marketplace--when there is inequality there become “deserts” of most everything, from grocery stores, to health care, to transportation, to safety. Let’s build a future where working people can earn a fair wage, partake in the innovations they create, and are valued for the service they provide. A new economy will emerge where people who work hard can succeed, reap the rewards of their labors, have more purchasing power, and pay their fair share of taxes. The pride of work well-rewarded provides higher life satisfaction for all.

Perhaps one of the more general, but most important realities, that Judy Baker will bring to the Senate is awareness of the gap between those at the top and everyone else. In the USA that gap grew last year to its highest level in more than 50 years, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released in late September 2019. When a survey based on those numbers asked the public whether CEOs and company executives are unfairly overpaid relative to workers, 78% of people said yes, and 11% said no. What, specifically, can be done about this deepening divide is not easy to determine, but Judy will work to keep hammering the themes of equality, access, fairness, and promoting an attitude of those at the top to share profits with those who work hard and play by the rules. 



 As Senator, Judy will prioritize removing barriers to sustainable environmental solutions. The truth is that we need new and affordable ways to provide power in this era of dramatic climate change and to acknowledge the very high costs of doing nothing. New energy sources such as wind, water, bio-fuels, solar, and more, will help protect us from the worst outcomes of our climate trends and will also bolster our economy while saving consumers’ paychecks for other things than higher insurance rates, repairs from storms, and rising fossil fuel prices. 

The USA (which includes Missouri and decisions we make here) currently subsidizes its fossil fuel industry with billions of dollars per year. Most Americans think renewables are heavily subsidized, when, in fact, permanent tax expenditures that subsidize fossil fuels exceed renewables by a 7-1 margin. As Senator, Judy Baker, will work with legislators to increase support for renewable energy and increase incentives for a transition to renewable energy sources. While a State Representative, Judy proposed the first legislation in the MO House to provide low income loans for renewable energy which later became law and asked that government buildings become more energy efficient.

As Senator, Judy Baker will speak the truth about the environment, deciphering the manipulative language now used to maintain the environmental status quo. False choices are put forth nearly every day by the fossil fuel lobby and the legislators they fund with their generous campaign contributions. One of the biggest false choices is to claim that you can either have jobs or the environment, but not both. Judy disagrees and sees beyond this anxiety-riddled claim. You can have jobs and still care for the earth, from which we all derive our life and upon which we depend every moment of every day by building a new energy economy.

As Senator, Judy will continue her support of local control in the case of CAFO and imminent domain and support local farmers on trade issues.